The Pagani Huayra

The Pagani Huayra is an Italian made sports car that was designed to feel like you are piloting  an aircraft. This car has an aggressive V12 engine that was made by Mercedes AMG that produces 720hp, and a 0-60 time of 2.6 seconds with a top speed of 240mph. This specific model was limited to just 100 units for the entire world and sold for around $2,000,000 each, but now are priced at $3,000,000. Pagani is obsessed with attention to detail and have incorporated many strange features that all enhance your driving experience.

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The Pagani Huayra’s interesting features:

  1. You name your car. When Pagani first sold these vehicles in 2012 from the factory, they would have you name the car. This name was supposed to be something meaningful to you and could make your car sound that much more impressive. Once you have named the car, it is forever named that, and is printed onto various parts of the car.
  2. No spoiler. As with many super cars, they usually come with a ginormous spoiler that brings a lot of attention to their cars. Not Pagani. Instead Pagani Automotive was inspired by air crafts and decided to put functioning flaps in the front and back of the car. These flaps are constantly moving and are designed to allow you to have more down force and more precision when going into turns.
  3. The gage cluster. The gage cluster in most cars is manufactured out of a nice plastic or aluminum, but in the Pagani Huayra it is made by a real watch making company. To make this car ever more elegant, Pagani took this extra step and it paid off. The way it comes is highly configurable and you can change the color you see several times within a single drive.
  4. The signature. Unlike a lot of car brands, the creator of Pagani is still alive. The owner, Horacio Pagani, takes the time to make sure everything done in each Huayra is done perfectly. Once he sees that it is acceptable to his standards, he signs the actual car. He also signs several other things like the owners manual and the number plaque.
  5. The options. Since Pagani is a very expensive car brand, you can expect their options to cost a lot of money to. For example to get a custom done paint job can cost around $37,000, a luggage set is $20,000, and a premium leather kit is $10,650.
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The Pagani Huayra is one of the very few car brands that pay this much attention to detail. It is a strange car that has changed the way most car enthusiasts think in terms of performance mixed with luxury. This has succeeded in gaining the title of one of the fastest cars ever as well as one of the most expensive cars ever.

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