How to get Onto the Very Private Ferrari Customer Racing Team

Some of you might think that the Ferrari racing team is the one you see on T.V, but it’s not. Ferrari has a special racing team that allows customers to race and have track days for fun. It is not a competition, but rather an experience for the owner of the car, though, it is very hard to get invited to it.

In order to gain an invitation to this highly exclusive event, you need to be completely loyal to Ferrari. That means that almost all your cars are Ferraris. You basically need to buy almost every single Ferrari that is being made at full sticker price from the dealership. If you buy a Ferrari from none other than a Ferrari dealership, it does not count. But keep in mind, if you really want this, expect it to cost a few million dollars.

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After you have bought a ton of Ferraris over the years, you may be offered to buy a super rare or limited edition Ferrari, like the LaFerrari, whatever you do, buy it! Cars like these are super hard to get and only come every few years as a Ferraris special edition car. It also shows that Ferrari now trusts you with their brand and sees you as a loyal customer. This is the first step to their racing team for customers.

After you pay the multimillion dollar price tag for the car, they will offer you a spot on their racing team. This offer is a track only version of the special edition car that you just bought, and typically costs the same amount. Once you buy it, they know that you are a true Ferrari customer, and all the good stuff comes next.

The track version of the car, once bought, is never delivered to you, instead Ferrari keeps it. Now you may be thinking why does Ferrari keep the car that I just paid a few million dollars for, and the answer to that is so that you can drive it. Ferraris track days come quite frequently and when they do, Ferrari ships your car to the track. The track that day is fully reserved for Ferrari, and there you are treated with the utmost respect. These track days are held all over the world.

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You are not required to attend all of them, but if you do, it is supposed to be one of the best experiences ever, that only a handful of people ever get to experience. Once you show up, $5,000 is required for entry. Once that is done, you are treated all day to a private and professionally cooked dinner, whenever you want multiple times a day, with your friends or family that you invited, to keep nutrition up because it is common to faint from the exhaustion of concentrating that hard.  Also, Ferrari deals with all the statistics, records lap times, and changes your tires every few laps to ensure safety.

Ferrari is an amazing brand and is the definition of loyalty to a brand. Even though all these luxuries come with a price, it is obviously well worth it, because it is safe to say that Ferrari really cares about its customers.


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  1. not everyone is rich enough to buy a laferrari, duh! if they want a ferrari, let them decide between a kiddie car and a toy model.

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