The Shelby Cobra is a Powerful Classic

The Shelby Cobra, produced in 1962, is a British and American made sports car designed for racing and ultimate performance. It features a V8 engine that can produce 500hp, a 0-60 time of around four seconds and a top speed that was not tested. The Shelby Cobra is a roadster, and has a lot of power for what it weighs, at just 2,500lbs making it one of the lightest cars. This car has a lot of cool features.

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The Shelby Cobra got its fame from winning many legendary races, including the 24 hours of Le Mans. Its creator, Caroll Shelby, had the vision that it would be one of the strongest race cars, as well as street cars. When you think about it, this car lacks many basic things and was not designed for luxury. It is basically an engine with wheels. It is very powerful. 

In the art of making this car as lightweight as possible, the whole car was developed with aluminium. This made for a strong, lightweight material that would allow the car to perform the way it was designed to, though at one point in this car’s production, people thought the brand was dying. During the Shelby Cobra‚Äôs production, the owner and founder of Shelby Motors got seriously ill and all the production had stopped. This was troubling and threatened to make the company go out of business, so the British manufacturer turned to Ford for help. Ford developed the V8 engine that is found in most Shelby Cobras and even helped Caroll Shelby develop the all aluminum vehicle.

Today, the Shelby Cobra is a prized collectors car, but is very expensive costing around $1M. Many liked this car, so one company is now building replicas of the car with the same engine and everything, under licensing and permission from Caroll Shelby. These cars are more commonly found and come with a cheaper price tag of $54,000 to $160,000 depending on the spec you pick.

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In conclusion, the Shelby Cobra is an amazing collectors car and even makes for a good kit car as well. It is highly modifiable and supposedly very easy to handle and drive. It makes for an outstanding car and mixes the best of both British and American engineering.


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