The Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita is the rarest Koenigsegg EVER

The Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita was intended to be one of Koenigseggs flagship models in its earlier years. It came with a new body form and more power, but the process was quite grueling and very difficult. This car is equipped with a twin-supercharged V8 engine that produces 1,018hp, a 0-60 time of 2.9 seconds, with a top speed of 254mph. 

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This Koengisegg still featured the traditional Koenigsegg egg shape and interesting doors, but the only difference was the materials used for the car. When Koengisegg decided to make the Trevita, they intended on making many of these cars and aiming it to be the most impressive car they have. In the process though, they quickly learned that the white carbon fiber used for the cars entire body frame was exceedingly difficult to make, especially when it first came out in 2010. Christian Von Koenigsegg claimed that it was so difficult that they decided to cut production short and limit it to only three total units for the entire world.

In the making of this Koenigsegg, the customers all got the same spec, which was white carbon fiber on the outside with a mix of black and white on the interior. At one point in time these cars cost more than the famous Bugatti Veyron (, making it the most expensive car in the world. This made Koenigsegg stand out, especially when Floyd Mayweather bought one. Nowadays, these works of art are being auctioned at around $4.8M, here’s why.

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Aside from the labor intensive assembly of the car, The CCXR Trevita has many tiny diamonds infused into the body work of the car. This car is a great investment due to its rarity and the fact that it has minerals that never lose value. The name itself is also very special. Trwvita stands for a swedish abbreviated word that means three whites because there are only three cars worldwide. CCXR stands for the increased version of the predecessor, the CCX.

In conclusion, the Koenigsegg Trevita CCXR is an amazing vehicle that very few people ever actually see. Its intense body work is now the only Koenigsegg to have white carbon fiber. The Koenigsegg Trevita is Koenigseggs most limited production car ever made. 


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