The Differences Between AWD, RWD, and FWD

Every car has one of these three wheeling systems. Each one has a meaning and a functionality that is specific to the car, and each manufacturer has a preferred wheel drive. Those modes are all wheel drive, rear wheel drive, and forward wheel drive. See which one is best for you when deciding which car you would like to purchase. Each mode has a function, and they are all completely different from one another.

So, let’s start with forward wheel drive. This wheel drive is usually fitted to offroading and heavy duty utility vehicles. It is best used for climbing up hills and other intense terrain abilities. With this comes a few perks. For starters, you get more traction than you would with rear wheel drive vehicles, and these vehicles tend to also have a bigger interior space. They have bigger interior space because the system is much smaller and can be more easily fitted into the car. Also, these cars are more fuel efficient and save you more money on longer trips.

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Next, is rear wheel drive. This function is best fitted on sports cars, and super cars for its main reason of being more exhilarating. It can make you more engaged in driving and is the best system if you like racing. It allows you to drift along the tacks, and if you’re that type of guy, you can even do donuts without breaking a sweat. However with RWD, it can cause a loss of traction and sometimes understeer in rainy or snowy conditions.,_rear-wheel-drive_layout

Lastly, is all wheel drive. Featuring power to all the wheels, makes for an inexplicable amount of power put down. It makes for ridico;us;y fast launch times and is most commonly seen in Lamborghini made vehicles to handle all the power. All wheel drive also focuses on changing power outputs when faced with different weather conditions to make for an extremely safe ride. This is also the closest you can get to driving a race car, as they have the same platform as well.

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In conclusion, there really isn’t a best one or a perfect one, it really all depends on what you like to do. Go offroading, carry heavy things, feel like a race car driver, or go drifting on the track. These are the three wheel drives that dominate the automotive industry. 


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