Why Ferrari Keeps Putting Holes in Their Cars

Lately, Ferrari has been on a roll. As of last year, they released their most number of models in one year, releasing four new cars. In the newer cars like the Ferrari F8 Tributo, and the Ferrari 488 Pista, they all have something in common. They all have holes in the car. 

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Now, these holes keep reappearing on all their latest models, so I decided to write about it, and what makes the design available for a hole. If you are paying that much money for a car, shouldn’t there not be any holes in it. The short answer: it makes the car better. Aside from the more aggressive looking hood of the car, it makes the aerodynamics of the car much better, and much more reliable.

The hole of the car is only on the hood in the center of the car. It makes one complete hole that reaches the very bottom of the car. The purpose is to redirect the air flowing around the car. Instead of the air causing drag that can slow you down, it takes that air, and puts it on top of the car to add more downforce so that you do not go flying off the track. 

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The benefits of this are that it allows you to stay more planted on the ground, and Ferrari has designed this to make the driving experience more safe and more handleable. The hole in the car, is what makes Ferraris easier for people to handle, drawing more buyers towards them.


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