The Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2 are the Street Legal F1 Cars

The Ferrari Monza is a literal Formula 1 car. It is one of the few cars, besides the The McLaren Elva, that have a cockpit outside its usual elements. Instead of having the usual indor styled cabin, you are fully outside, and are at one with the wind and the sound of the V12 engine. Speaking of the V12 engine, it is naturally aspirated and features 810hp, a 0-60 time of 2.8 seconds with a top speed of 187mph for driver safety. This is anything but a normal car, here’s what makes it a street legal Formula 1 car.

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If you look at Ferrari’s origin story, they love racing. In fact, they only sold cars to customers in order to keep the Ferrari racing team alive. Although racing does cost a lot of money, and is a risky investment for automakers, Enzo Ferrari did not care! Anyways, all the vintage race cars all featured a very long hood, with no roof or windshield. Since then, Ferrari has wanted to bring back the old style of these iconic race cars by starting an entirely new series. The “Icona” series.

So far, the Monza is being limited to only 499 units worldwide. Like the LaFerrari, you have to be a VIP member of Ferrari, so chances are not everyone, even people with the money, got it. As the title suggests, we are talking about the Monza SP2, and the SP1. These are not different cars, but the same chassis with a different interior. The SP1 is a one person car, and the SP2 is a two seater car.

Why is it an F1 car? The engine. All Ferrari owners love the sound of the roaring V12 engine, but none sound as great as the ones on true F1 cars. Many wealthy owners would even go out and purchase old F1 cars made by Ferrari just to have the noise. This is officially the first modern Ferrari to ever put you at one with the V12 engine. 

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The Ferrari Monza is an exhilarating car in all aspects. As amazing as it may be, it has its drawbacks. The first one being the usability. Since there is no roof, it really limits what weather you can drive this in. It is not the car that you decide when it can go out, it decides when it goes out. The second drawback is the price. It is limited, so naturally, it’s pricey. These cars are selling to second hand owners for just north of $3,000.


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