The McLaren MSO Program

The McLaren MSO Program, or MSO, is a McLaren branded customization program. This means that if you want your car to be customized in a special way, and not have the car lose value, you would take it to this customization program. It may take a while to customize the car, but it is worth it.

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If you were to take your McLaren to just any customization place, it would make the car go down in value. But since this customization program is McLaren branded, instead of making your car go down in value, it makes it go up in value. An example of someone using the MSO program is when Manny Koshbin got his McLaren P1 fully exposed in carbon fiber. 

There are five different service levels available with the McLaren MSO Program. Each one focuses on different features. The levels are MSO Defined, MSO Bespoke, MSO Limited, MSO Heritage, and MSO Program. MSO Defined is available for the McLaren Super Series models. This level focuses on making the car lighter by using carbon fiber. The Bespoke program allows the customer to tailor their car the way they want. They can choose between different colors and leathers for their car. MSO Limited is basically MSO defined run-offs of already existing cars, meaning they are all the same, no customer input. The MSO Heritage program continues the duties of the Customer Care programme, to inform you and to give you the experience that prior F1 customers had. McLaren MSO Program is a program dedicated to the McLaren P1 GTR, the most powerful McLaren ever. This programme allows McLaren P1 GTR owners to use the facilities technology, like the racing simulator, to give you a track experience. 

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 MSO is a special customization program made by McLaren that allows you to make your car even better than it already is. This process may be lengthy and may cost a lot, but it is worth it if you want to customize your car with a McLaren branded company.

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