Why the Bugatti Veyron Will Start to Heavily Depreciate

The Bugatti Veyron is the most famous car in the world, even more than the F1, for its ludicrous top speeds, and being the first car to exceed $1M. Although this car has managed to solidify itself in history, it lacks the ability to further its lifespan. I personally love Bugatti, but they really need to stop doing certain things with their entry level Veyron so that it can actually start appreciating.

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To begin, the price is not what makes this car one to depreciate in the future. Some Veyrons have actually risen in value, but the normal Veyrons will actually depreciate for the way in which they overcharge for basic things. For example, if you did not know, the Bugatti Veyron key is essentially a Volkswagen Jetta key with some leather, and the Bugatti symbol. To actually manufacture this key probably costs them around $40-$60, but they charge around $10,000 for their key. The reason why things like this are so important is because once people who can buy the car start to realize these little things add up, and make owners not want to keep the cars.

As of right now, there are about 12+ veyrons available for sale which is really a lot considering they only built 450. Sure not everyone can afford these awesome cars, but even the people who can afford it don’t like to spend that much. Unlike the Veyron however, the Chiron has improved tremendously in terms of depreciation rate. Bugatti has thought out everything, and now the car is more “affordable” in terms of simple things. For example, instead of the Veyrons $38,000 tires, the Chiron now has $2,000 tires.

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In conclusion, the Veyron is one of my favorite cars. Even though the car will eventually start depreciating heavily, I do not think it will mean the end of it. In fact, I think that when these cars become cheap enough over the next 10 years, ($800,000) they will be bought insanely quick, and fewer will be available for sale increasing the overall price.


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