Why You Should Buy the McLaren 570s as Your First SuperCar

The Mclaren 570s is a British supercar made by McLaren Automotive Manufacturer. It was produced in 2015 and was designed to be McLaren’s entry level car (entry level suggests the first car you should buy from the company). The stock McLaren 570s comes with 562hp and can do 0-60mph in 3.2 seconds with a top speed of 204mph. 

One reason why the Mclaren 570s  is the perfect entry supercar is because of its incredible pricing. Now, although I say the Mclaren 570s is incredibly priced, even though it is very expensive, the McLaren 570s is $192,000 making it one of the cheapest brand new supercars out there. You can also buy the same model one or two years old used for as low as $160,000. 

Lots of people have said that this car should not be considered  a supercar because of its “low” horsepower compared to other famous brands such as Ferrari and Lamborghini, but I like to think otherwise. I think of the McLaren 570s as the groundwork for visual and engine wise customization. One visual thing you can add to your McLaren is a spoiler and a cool wrap for your car. The McLaren 570s does not come with a spoiler and several people have added a spoiler made of carbon fibre. Carbon fibre is an ultra light material that will barely add any weight to your car. You can buy a good spoiler from 1016 Industries for $4,995. I would also suggest getting a cool wrap for your car from Summit Auto Labs (located in Utah). By getting a cool or different wrap for you car, it allows for you to be able to express yourself in ways which the actual car company can not (My estimate is $500-$1000). Another positive thing to getting your car wrapped is that nothing is permanent  and it will not harm your car’s original paint job. There is only one negative to getting your car wrapped (if you can even consider this a downside) is that sometimes it can be difficult for you to get all of the vinyl off and may need the help of a professional because it may require to disassemble parts of your car and then reassemble them. 

For the engine wise customizations I would recommend swapping the exhaust out for an exhaust from Rouge Performance (Located in South Africa but they can ship parts to you) and a new ecu system from 1016 industries. I suggest getting an exhaust system from Rouge Performances and an additional ecu system from 1016 Industries ($16,000 give or take combined) because it will take your McLaren 570s from 562hp to about 800hp which is about more horsepower than the typical Lamborghini or Ferrari. An exhaust is an external piece put at the end of the car to release gas backward to propel the car forward.The ecu is basically the car’s brain; it programs the car to use certain amounts of power when the car is active. Also, it will take your humble 570s and turn it into an insanely loud flame throwing monster that will most definitely catch the attention of anyone passing by.

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