The Mercedes 300 SL

The Mercedes 300 SL is a German sports car that was first produced in 1954-1963. This car was the “beast” of its time breaking many world records such as having the fastest recorded speed of its time at 163mph. This car came with the same V12 engine that many powerful trucks from World War 2 had, producing 215hp. The Mercedes 300 SL had two versions; the gullwing version (unique wing like doors) and the roadster version (no roof top). The gullwing version sells today for about $2,500,000, while the roadster version sells for less at $1,200,000 due to slight overheating problems it is known for.

The german sports car can only seat 2 passengers but was designed to be as small as possible so that you can have the most performance coming from it. Combining the total number of cars produced between the roadster and gullwing version is about 3,200 units. Of the 3,200 units made there are 1,280 units left (about 40%). The rest of them have either not been found or have been crashed. 

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This was built in a manual transmission version only, so that you can choose what gear to be in and how long you want to be in it making the car go faster. If you ever come across one of these cars, consider yourself lucky. These are one of the most desirable cars out there and are constantly going up in value, especially at auctions. The most expensive one ever sold at an auction was $4,200,000. The Mercedes 300 SL will always be one of Mercedes’ strong points because of its rarity, exclusiveness, and performance.

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