Ferrari: The Most Exclusive Car Brand in the World

Ferrari is known for their luxury performance cars. Almost every car enthusiast wants a Ferrari. A Ferrari will always turn heads and is one of the most sought out cars in the history of cars today. Many people who want these cars and plan on buying them think it is an easy process and is the same process as other car brands. Well, it’s not.

Ferrari has made it quite clear to the world that it is the most supreme car manufacturer in the world and believes that their cars should be earned and cared for. They also believe that no other car can compare to them. So Ferrari has several rules that are not known to you until you try to buy one of their masterpieces.

One rule is that you are not allowed to buy a new Ferrari until you are 50 years old, or if you have had past experiences with a Ferrari through the purchase of a used car. The reasoning behind this is that they do not want people who they think are immature to drive their car. You can buy a used 2016 Ferrari 488 for $230,000. It is often times encouraged to buy a used Ferrari first because they want you to have some experience with it before you buy a new one. In some rare instances, you can go straight to buying a new Ferrari, under the age of 50 years, if you are either famous or someone important. This is something huge to Ferrari because they take it as a form of advertising because if you’re famous, people will know what types of cars you are buying.

Another rule is that you can not just walk in their dealerships and expect to get a limited production car. When Ferrari makes a limited production car, they usually make them in very small numbers of only about 500 units for the entire world, so the ability to own one of those cars is very hard. In order to be considered (not guaranteed) you can not just own one or two Ferrari’s but instead have to own several Ferrari’s to show your loyalty to the company. If you have somehow managed to be accepted to buy a limited production Ferrari, expect to have an extensive background check done on you. Ferrari does this to make sure they have the right type of drivers behind the wheel representing the company. Also, if you own a limited production car, they make you sign a contract that says you can not sell the car within a certain amount of time and if you sell it, you have to sell it back to the dealership.

Don’t tell them you own a Lamborghini! If you are buying a Ferrari and already own a Lamborghini do not tell them that  you own one. If they find out you own one of these sports cars you lose all chances of buying a new Ferrari until you sell your Lamborghini. The story behind this is because both creators of the companies (they were both Italian) hated each other and were constantly trying to outsell each other. Ferrari’s only competition is Lamborghini because there are no rules and regulations to owning a Lamborghini making them slightly more popular among people who don’t like to follow rules.

Never criticize Ferrari. Ferrari takes pride in their cars and hates it when anyone says something demeaning about one of their automobiles. If you have published or have posted something against Ferrari and try to buy a new one, then you’re all out of luck because they will never sell you another Ferrari. When already owning a Ferrari and you post something about a Ferrari in the negative light, they will charge you a fine and will threaten to take your car for absurd remarks against them. So, if you have anything negative to say about a Ferrari its best to just keep it to yourself if you ever plan on buying a Ferrari

Don’t make the car different. Once a Ferrari rolls off the dealership parking lot it is already seen as a flawless piece of art that does not need to be modified. If you like modifying your cars and putting cool wraps and wide body kits on your cars then this is not the best car for you. If anyone changes the car from its original form, the car will be taken back with or without a refund depending on the dealership and which contract you have with the company.

I am a true Ferrari enthusiast and love the way they make their cars. The exclusiveness and the special feel when you own one is only something very few people get to experience and I hope that someday I can own one. These rules are not intended to discourage you from buying a Ferrari but should encourage everyone to own one of these cars. A Ferrari is the ultimate way to feel exclusiveness.

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