The Ferrari California

When the Ferrari California first came out, many people discriminated against it. People would say things like, ”it is ugly, its cheapining the Ferrari brand, and it isn’t a real Ferrari.” Some people are starting to like this Ferrari for a certain reason, which is the price. This Ferrari is now selling for around $80,000, when its original price is up to $180,000. That is an amazing price for this car because it has a V8 engine that produces 450 horsepower, has a 0-60 time of 3.6 seconds, and well, it’s a Ferrari. 

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Although many people think this car is not a true Ferrari, there are a few features in this car that prove it to be a Ferrari. The seats of this car look like many other Ferrari model’s interiors. The material of the seats and the design help contribute to the Ferrari look. The gage cluster of this car looks like that of a traditional Ferrari. It has a tachometer in the front center, which is yellow, and has the speedometer off to the right side, and a screen on the left like most of Ferrari’s other models. This car also has the usual buttons Ferrari includes in their cars, and has a bunch of carbon fiber in the middle of the car. Even under the hood, ths car looks like a true Ferrari. The engine is red and has the word “Ferrari” written on the top of it. Ferrari made the engine pushed toward the back for weight distribution, which is a feature most sports cars have. The sound the exhaust of this car produces also makes this car sound like a real Ferrari.         

The Ferrari California is a hard top convertible car, that held the record for fastest time to retract the roof on and off of the car. Ferrari designed this car for North America, and because they get a lot of buyers from California, they named it the Ferrari California. Another reasoning behind the name is because they wanted people to feel encouraged to buy this car and drive it around as if the weather was always warm, just like it is in California.  

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The Ferrari California is Ferrari’s entry level car that also happens to be pretty practical. It comes with 4 seats and a decently sized trunk for extra storage. This car though has a design flaw with that though. The way the hard top roof was designed, it had to be retracted back into the trunk meaning that it will take up all but a very small portion of your trunk space while the car roof is down. With that being said, that is not the only design flaw of the car. The second mistake Ferrari made was the rear headlights. As with most Ferrari’s, they have big circular lights in the back that act as a brake light and reverse light. Well, Ferrari did not know that in order to make the car legal in America, the lights need to be on a piece of body work that does not move. Ferrari’s solution to this was to add two more ugly looking lights in the back to make the car legal.  
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