The McLaren 720s

The McLaren 720s is an exotic sports car that was made to replace the McLaren 650s. This McLaren has an extremely strong engine that can produce 710 horsepower with a 0-60 time of 2.5 seconds, and has a base price of around $285,000 without any upgrades. This supercar has some special and interesting features. 

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Here are some of the special and interesting features:

Valet mode: On the infotainment system, there is a “valet mode” switch. When you turn this mode on, the car has you enter a pin so that when your car gets valet parking, it restricts some features of this car. This mode only allows the car to have a top speed of 35mph and the engine revs are limited. This feature was included to avoid any thievery of the vehicle, and to avoid any damage that may be done at high speeds.

Track telemetry: This option is mainly for McLaren owners who enjoy driving their car on a race track. When you first enter this option, a displayed warning pops up on the infotainment screen basically telling you that that driver is responsible for their own safety and that the track telemetry should only be used when on a race track. This option allows you to track how long it takes you to complete a lap and allows you to put down your racer name. It also compares your previous times with each other and allows you to put a note down writing what weather you were driving in, so you know why you were going slower than normal. 

Rear wheel drive only: In most exotics cars, like the Lamborghini Huracan, they are all wheel drive to increase performance and speed. McLaren though, found a way to get the same speed and performance in a rear wheel drive car, by adding more power to the engine. The advantages to this are huge, allowing for a decently large front trunk. By eliminating the use of the front wheels, no further engineering or technology was needed there, meaning that they could increase the amount of trunk space, making it more practical.

The folding driver display: This display is usually used for basic things, like speed, time, and various menus. Well, while in sports or track mode, this display folds down giving you more room to see the track ahead of you. Also, this then eliminates all the menus, and only shows you rev count and speed because that is all that is necessary to know while on the race track.

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The McLaren 720s is an outstanding supercar with many amazing features. This car is worth every penny you put into it.

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