The Lotus Evora

The Lotus Evora is a British made sports car that is inexpensive and still every bit like a sports car should be. Although Lotus has had a lot of problems with getting money, and have almost gone bankrupt a few times, they were still able to put together a car that has 400hp from a V6 engine that is commonly used in Toyota Camrys. This engine from Toyota was modified to be stronger, and because the Lotus Evora only weighs only 3,000lbs, it can do the 0-60 time in 4.4 seconds with a top speed of 186mph. Also, this car has a considerable price tag of only $55,000 used.

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The Lotus Evora is 2+2, which is surprisingly ineffective. It is ineffective due to the fact that it is 3-4 inches shorter in length than most Porsches, and even then it is very difficult to fit in the back seats of those cars. Also, contributing to its ineffectiveness, is its low sloping roof that will not allow any tall people to sit there. The best you can do with those seats, is use it as extra storage, or use it for a very small child. 

This car, unlike almost every other sports car, is very fuel efficient. The car is getting at least 27mpg on average. The Lotus Evora is also surprisingly good for road trips because it has a trunk! All sports cars have a trunk but they usually can’t fit more than a duffel bag, not with this car! It has a traditional hatchback trunk that is able to fit a good sized suitcase.    

The Lotus Evora is also highly configurable because Lotus allows for full engine access. By allowing this, you can do all sorts of things to it including a straight pipe modification that will make it sound more fierce, just like a supercar.

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In the end, the Lotus Evora is a remarkable car that is cheaper, but still offers performance. This car is also great if you like attention. Due to the very low production numbers of this car, it is not very common to see any on the road. Also, Lotus’s motto is that sometimes going smaller is more rewarding. In this case it is more rewarding because it has a great power to weight ratio that makes it as powerful as it is.

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