The LaFerrari’s Interesting Features

The LaFerrari is insane in all sorts of ways. The LaFerrari has a V12 engine that produces 750hp but has an electric mode also that allows it to have 950hp. This car cand do the 0-60 time in a stunning 2.4 seconds with a top speed of 220mph. When this car was being sold in 2015, each one sold for $1,500,000 but are now trading hands for over $3,000,000. The reasoning behind this high increase in value is because it was limited to only 499 units for the entire world. The LaFerrari has many cool inspirations and facts that will be shared with you.

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Those Cool Inspirations and Facts:

How it got its name: Many people think that the LaFerrari’s name is “The Ferrari LaFerrari”, but that is not true. Unlike having the original Ferrari name followed by the car’s model name, this only has one name being  LaFerrari. LaFerrari means “The Ferrari ” and was purposely named that because Ferrari believed that this was the Ferrari that nothing could compare to. Nothing can compare to this in the history of Ferrari making it the most special car to them so they named it Ferrari.

Was modeled after a F1 race car: Almost everything in this car came straight out of a race car, but the most outstanding things are the steering wheel and the lights. In F1 cars, the steering wheel is shaped like a square to provide the most amount of grip possible for the driver, so Ferrari included this. When including this, Ferrari didn’t even try to make it look circular in any way, shape, or form, making it look like a square. Also, the lights, specifically the rear fog lights, are not normal. They are at the bottom center of the car and consist of very bright circular light all stacked in rows of three, just as most race cars do. Ferrari includes this all to give it a more sporty feel that will attract its customers to.

Had to be invited: Even if you were the richest man alive, you were not guaranteed a LaFerrari. In fact, getting even considered for one of these was hard because you had to own several Ferraris, show loyalty to the company, and be someone of high importance. Once you were accepted to buy it, they invited you to their factory to give you a run on their race track and tell you all the features and statistics to make sure that you really wanted to buy it. Ferrari claims that they do this all in order to make sure that they have the right type of drivers behind the wheel, representing the brand.

Customization and contract: Some of the customizations possible are truly unheard of, but the one that grabs the attention of most people is how you can put your name on your Ferrari’s steering wheel. If you wanted to, Ferrari engraved your initials on the bottom of the steering wheel. Also since this is a limited production car, they made you sign a contract saying that you were not allowed to sell it for two years, and if you wanted to, you had to ask them and they might make you sell it back to them.

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The LaFerrari is a track focused beast that has worthily proven itself time and time again. When it first came out, it broke a countless amount of records and left hundreds of thousands of people in shock. Everything from the design feature to the actual statistics of this car is impressive, and it has certainly earned itself a spot above most other supercars, making it one of the best handleable supercars in the world.

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