How Much Does It Cost To Run A F1 Team?

Formula 1 is most probably the hardest sport in the world. I say this not to disown other sports, but it is the only sport in the world that goes beyond the player, or I should say driver. The driver is a very small part of the team. It includes engineers, scientists, and others whoContinue reading “How Much Does It Cost To Run A F1 Team?”

Why The Seven Year Old P1 is Still Faster Than the Brand New Senna

When the McLaren P1 first came out almost seven years ago, it broke all the rules. It was introduced as the fastest modern day Mclaren to ever be built besides the F1 in the 90’s. This car introduced a never before seen hybrid engine that was put into a hypercar. As this car was theContinue reading “Why The Seven Year Old P1 is Still Faster Than the Brand New Senna”

The Aston Martin Valkyrie is the Best Rendition of a Street Legal Race Car

The Aston Martin Valkyrie is one of the most modernized cars out there. It features design structures that we’re never before used and a new body shape that has never before been seen on a street legal car. As the title suggests, it is pretty much the best rendition of a street legal race carContinue reading “The Aston Martin Valkyrie is the Best Rendition of a Street Legal Race Car”

Are Race Cars Safe?

Racing is seen as one of the oldest sports around. It is one of the most intense and mind focusing in the world. One wrong move could end your life, yet millions of people watch racing all around the world, in forms of Formula 1 and NASCAR. This brings us to today’s main focus, areContinue reading “Are Race Cars Safe?”

The Meaning Behind a Lamborghini Labeled Super Trofeo

Many of you have heard of Lamborghinis that are most popular, like the Huracan and the Gallardo. These cars are amazing and have some insane performance, but people only thought there was one edition of them, that is wrong. The Super Trofeo models are basically their second edition of the car, its just they areContinue reading “The Meaning Behind a Lamborghini Labeled Super Trofeo”

McLaren’s Insane Historical Background

As we know it, McLaren is one of the best automotive companies around. This incredible car company started in 1963. In 1953, Bruce McLaren was 15 when he designed an Austin Alcester (type of car) to be used for racing. He did this all by himself. A few years later, at age 22, he wasContinue reading “McLaren’s Insane Historical Background”

Mercedes AMG Project 1

The Mercedes AMG project one is a street legal formula one car. It will have one of the highest revenue limiters in any road legal car at 11,000 RPMs. It is a two seater sports car that has a V6 engine with direct fuel injection that can make 603hp. However, this car is being madeContinue reading “Mercedes AMG Project 1”

The McLaren Speedtail

The McLaren Speedtail is among McLarens “Ultimate Series.” It is the fastest McLaren to ever exist. That’s right, even faster than the McLaren F1, but is the successor to the F1. It has an outstanding 1,035hp, and a 0-60 time of under 2.5 seconds, with a top speed of 250mph.  Surprisingly, it also has theContinue reading “The McLaren Speedtail”

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale is one of the very few plugin hybrid cars that Ferrari is producing. Its gas tank is supposedly smaller than the electric engine, but comes with almost as much power as the famous LaFerrari. It comes stock with a stunning 986hp, a 0-6 time of 2.4 seconds and a top speedContinue reading “The Ferrari SF90 Stradale”

The Ferrari 599 GTO

The Ferrari 599 GTO is a limited production car, with only 599 units for the entire world. This car is extremely powerful and was in fact, the fastest car available. The 599 GTO came with a V12 engine that produces 612hp, and a 0-60 time of 3.1 seconds with a top speed of just overContinue reading “The Ferrari 599 GTO”