Here’s What Makes a Hybrid a Hybrid

A hybrid car has an electric motor and a gas engine that allows it to move. This car needs to get charged at night if you want the electric power. If you do not charge your car, you will only get power that is caused by friction because of regenerative braking, which is not enoughContinue reading “Here’s What Makes a Hybrid a Hybrid”


Koenigsegg is a small car manufacturer based in Sweden. They have made some of the fastest cars on the planet, but have a little bit of fun in the process. Unlike many other brands, they let the customer decide how the car should be. They let the customer have a little bit of fun withContinue reading “WHY KOENIGSEGG IS SPECIAL”

Mercedes AMG Project 1

The Mercedes AMG project one is a street legal formula one car. It will have one of the highest revenue limiters in any road legal car at 11,000 RPMs. It is a two seater sports car that has a V6 engine with direct fuel injection that can make 603hp. However, this car is being madeContinue reading “Mercedes AMG Project 1”

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