Koenigsegg is a small car manufacturer based in Sweden. They have made some of the fastest cars on the planet, but have a little bit of fun in the process. Unlike many other brands, they let the customer decide how the car should be. They let the customer have a little bit of fun with the car, and let them do anything they want. Although they are still a relatively small and unknown brand, their cars are the ones breaking world records on a regular basis. Here is how Koenigsegg lets their customers have fun with the cars.

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To start, the customers have nothing to do with the actual car, but rather the colors, and personalization they can bring to the car. No one Koenigsegg is the same because it is tailored to the customers wants. For example, on some Koenigseggs, they let you give it a nickname. This name can be whatever you like it to be, and the car will be referred to as that. Aside from this, the name is also painted onto the sides of the car.

Next, is the body of the car. With the body, you can do a number of customizations. Color, trim, wing type, ect. The color of the body can be whatever you like, but can also have certain things added to truly make your car one off. For example, you can get an option called diamond dust. What this is, is having your car diamond coated. Koenigsegg takes several hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of diamonds, crushes them, and spreads them around the car to give it a shiny effect. The wing is what partially got Koenigsegg famous. The wing is massive, but there are now wing options that come with the car. For a more sophisticated, and more aggressive wing, you can pay up to $400,000 and design the outside as well.

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Lastly, the inside of the car. You can add diamond trimmed stitching to the top of the car to make it more elegant. You can use whatever form of material you like. Also, you can have your name engraved onto the plaque that your Koenigsegg holds.

In conclusion, Koenigsegg is an awesome company that is slowly but surely going to be one of the best out there. Listening to your customers helps, and Koenigsegg specializes in that. 


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