The Jaguar I-PACE

The Jaguar I-PACE is an all-electric SUV. This car has two permanent magnetic synchronous electric motors that can generate 394 hp. The acceleration of this car is similar to a sports car’s acceleration. Because of the All-Wheel Drive traction and the instant torque, this car can go from 0-60 in 4.5 seconds. 

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When fully charged, this electric car can drive up to 234 miles before you have to recharge it. Even though driving may seem like the only way to drain this car’s batteries, there are many simple ways that can make your car’s batteries run out faster. Something simple like turning on the air conditioning or the heater can cause your car to run out of charge faster. Instead of turning either of those on while you are driving, you can save your batteries by heating or cooling the car while it is in the charger. Doing this will take energy from the power supply instead of taking your car’s batteries. Frequent accelerating and hard braking can also consume a lot of energy and cause the batteries to run out faster. Driving at a steady pace can help use up less energy. There are many public charging places around the world that allow you to charge your car even when you are not at home. The navigation system in this car can help you locate charging stations near you. 

There is a lot of technology in this car. One cool thing is the Stolen Vehicle Locator. This system is connected to the GPS. It uses the technology from the GPS to help the police track your car if it is ever stolen. This car also has technology that is in most cars like a touchscreen and a system that allows you to connect your phone using bluetooth. 

The Jaguar I-PACE’s design helps it become more like a sports car. The hood scoop of this car helps reduce drag. The rear diffuser also helps minimize the amount of drag because of the squared-off corners. Even the door handles of this car help. The door handles on this car are similar to the ones on a Tesla (The Tesla Model S, The Tesla Model Y). The door handles are pushed into the car, rather than sticking out like most cars, to let the airflow around the car become smoother.   

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The Jaguar I-PACE is a $69,850 electric SUV that is like a sports car or a luxury because of the many features and the design.


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