The Porsche 935 is as Aerodynamic as a Car Gets

The Porsche 935 was designed to be a race car. It is not street legal, and is solely used for the track. This car puts down 700 hp, A 0 to 60 time of 2.8 seconds, with a top speed of 211 mph. It has a body that is completely based around arrow dynamics. This car is extremely limited production, only making 77 units worldwide with a price tag of $1 million each. Here’s a little bit more about the Porsche 935.

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Let’s start with the history first, Porsche 935 was a famous race card that they debuted in the 80s. This too was only used as a racecar, and was most famous for winning several  very important races. Porsche decided to come out with a new were version of the Porsche 935, so naturally it would be a collectors car. The reason for this is the exclusivity, and its relation to a very historic car in the Porsche lineup.

A Porsche 935, as said before, is very aerodynamic. It comes with a giant wing fendered louvers, and much lighter chairs. In fact, getting a passenger seat in this race car was an option. This meant that you didn’t actually need a passenger seat in this car, but if you wanted one it would cost $10,000. In defense of Porsche, this car was meant to be extremely light and bear to the bone.

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There have been a few conflicts with the new Porsche 935 because some believe that it is just a Porsche GT two RS with added bodywork. This theory is backed because underneath the back of the car it looks like a standard GT two RS, but this is wrong. Porsche 935 is nothing like the GT two RS, has a different steering wheel, it is completely stripped down, And is much lighter and more aerodynamic than any GT two RS on the road. Besides all this it is in an extremely limited production.

In conclusion, the Porsche 935 is a very historic vehicle, better yet it is a historic vehicle. One sad thing is that these cars are so valuable, that we will probably never get to actually see one on the track.


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