A Black Badge Rolls Royce is Completely Different

Rolls Royce has many different stylings and bespoke offers available. Among them is the Black Badge edition. It completely changes the way the car acts, performs and looks. This option is not commonly used, but it should be used more often. Here is what makes the Rolls Royce Black Badge edition so much different from the standard Rolls Royce model. 

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The first thing we should mention is the power upgrades. All Black badge Rolls Royces are meant to be somewhat sportier. It comes with more horsepower, and according to Rolls Royce, it is meant for people who want a mix of luxury along with a sporty feel. Although it does not have an extremely loud engine like a Ferrari, it is still just as fun, but more quiet. It allows you to have fun without the noise. All the power outputs are different, but they all still come from the original V12 engine that is  fitted into all Rolls Royce cars.

Next are certain aspects of the car being blacked out. The Black badge makes the car look more sinister. It takes away all accents of shiny metal or chrome and replaces them with black. Things painted in balck would be all the labels, the spirit of ecstasy, and the front grill of the car. 

Though this car is dubbed “The Black Badge”, it does not have to actually be all black. If you want to commission a car with Rolls Royce they will offer black badge labled cars in an array of different colors. The black badge is more for the power, not the actual color of the car. 

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Lastly, the price. All Rolls Royces are generally expensive, starting at around $350,000. The black badge is an option, but it does cost more money because the car isi being considered upgraded from its original form. The typical black badge option costs an extra $30,000.

In conclusion, I think that the Rolls Royce black badge edition is a spectacular option, but it should not be fitted to all of their models. The models that look the best with this would be the Dawn, Wraith, and if speked correctly, the Ghost.


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