The Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model Y is an all-electric car with two electric motors. It is basically a bigger version of the Tesla Model 3. This car has a 0-60 time of 3.5 seconds and can go up to 135 mph. It costs about $50,000 before options. The Model Y can drive a distance of up to 316 miles without running out of electricity. Tesla has put Superchargers all around the world. Superchargers are places where you can leave your Tesla to charge when you are running out of electricity, or even at a place like the mall. A Supercharger can recharge your car 158 miles in just 15 minutes. Buying a Tesla can help you save a lot of money because you will never have to pay for gas! 

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The Tesla Model Y is a five seater family car. The interior of this car has a touchscreen in the front center. This touchscreen controls most of the functions of this car. On the screen, you can see your surroundings when in autopilot. The cameras and sensors that are all around the car will be able to tell if a car is next to you. Since they have become more advanced over time, the sensors and cameras can also identify a lot more things like whether a stoplight is green or red, and bigger cars such as pick-up trucks or vans. Autopilot does drive for you, but to ensure that you are still paying attention to the road, the car requires you to apply pressure to the steering wheel very often. The autopilot feature costs around $7,000 to include. 

From the touchscreen, you can also control some other features like the A/C and heater, GPS, see how much battery you have left, and many more features. It has a lot of basic features, but it also has some unusual ones. If you press a certain button on the screen, something will pop up with a bunch of different little icons like a whoopee cushion or the planet Mars. Tesla basically added a little fun component to the car. For example, when you activate the Mars setting, the navigation area will turn from looking like a map to the surface of Mars, as if you are driving on mars. 

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This car has a mode called Sentry Mode. This basically is an anti-theft/safety mode. When you activate this mode, all the cameras on the outside of the car are alert while the car is locked. The cameras of this car are alert so that if there is motion detected near the car, it will videotape it, and flashing lights and a warning will come up on the touchscreen on the inside of the car. The warning will basically tell the person approaching the car that Sentry Mode is activated, and that they should not break into that car. When the owner of the car returns, the car will show how many times this mode was active, or sensed motion, so that you can know if someone came near your car or may have attempted to break in or steal something. Also, since the cameras videotape the nearby motion, you can see a clip of everything that happened near your car. If someone damaged or broke something, you would be able to know because the cameras would have picked it up. Sentry Mode is a way to ensure your car is safe. 

Many people leave their dogs in their cars, with no air conditioning on, and the dog will overheat and die. Tesla has included an interesting mode in this car called Dog Mode. This mode allows you to safely leave your dog in the car while you are doing something. When you activate Dog Mode, the car turns on the air conditioning while you are away, so that the dog is in the car while it is at room temperature, and not too hot. Also, so that people don’t think the dog will die and try to break the windows to free it, a little note type of thing  will pop up on the touchscreen. This lets people know that the owner will return soon and that the air conditioning is on. It also shows what temperature it currently is inside the car. When you activate this mode, Sentry Mode cannot be activated. This mode helps keep dogs safe while their owner is away. 

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The Tesla Model Y is a family car with a decent amount of space. It has many cool features that not all cars have. This car’s features can help your family, and even your pet, feel safe. This fun  car is a wonderful choice for the whole family.


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