The Pagani Zonda Cinque is an Ultra Rare Multi Million Dollar Sports Car

The Pagani Zonda Cinque is a rendering of the original Zonda. It was supposed to be the last edition of the Zonda and was made in extremely limited numbers. As the name Cinque suggests, Pagani only built 5 units of this car for the entire world. This vehicle is still very powerful by today’s standards, having a powerful V12 engine that produces near 700hp. This car is a marvel of its time and used technology that was new to the car world. 

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The Pagani zonda was the first car ever produced by Pagani and this was meant to be the final edition. It had increased aerodynamics, increased downforce, and increased power. Although this car is labeled Pagani, it is not fully Pagani. If you do not know this, it may come as a surprise. Pagani’s engine was developed and made by AMG. Until today, AMG and Pagani have been partnered up in the production of the most powerful engines available.

Sadly, due to this car’s rarity, not many people actually know all the specifications and features of this rare car, but luckily, we know this. Pagani introduced a manual clutch to this car, and is one of the only cars in the world that has a V12 engine with manual shifting. As this is a final edition Zonda, it shares a lot of the same features as the standard Zonda, but has a roof scoop. This roof scoop adds a style to this car that is not very common with cars, even today. This roof scoop is a shark fin type thing that is on the roof of the car. This catches the air while you are moving, and redirects that air to the engine so that it may cool off. 

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The Pagani Zonda Cinque is the unicorn of cars. It is almost certain that you will never get to see one of these cars, but if you do, consider yourself lucky. This flame spitting V12 monster is a multimillion dollar supercar that made Pagani truly different from all other car manufacturers.


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