The Tesla Cybertruck is a Very Controversial Car

The Tesla Cybertruck is Tesla’s first ever pick up truck. It is still not in production but has some estimated numbers by Tesla. To preorder this car, it only costs $100 for a reservation, and another $70,000 if you get the best optioned version of the Cybertruck. This car, in its best version, has three dual electric motors, with a capability to tow 14,000 pounds, with a 0-60 time of 2.9 seconds. However, this car is currently one of the most controversial cars ever, here’s why. 

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First off, the car is just flat out ugly. Even when being as kind as possible to the looks of this car, it won’t gain many points. In fact, when Elon Musk revealed the car, many people actually thought that it was a joke and thought that a different more nice looking version of the car was coming out, but it didn’t. Elon was dead serious about this car, and claims that it will be the most powerful pickup truck available.  

Also, the numbers for this car just seem a bit exaggerated. As with all Teslas, the harder you push the car, the battery miles available rapidly start decreasing. This has not been tested with the Cybertruck yet, but with the Model X, it can tow 3,000lbs, but when used, the battery life decreases by almost half. This means that the Cybertruck’s supposed 500 mile range will decrease severely when using max towing capacity.

The Tesla Cybertruck uses some very unusual materials for the car as well. The entire body of the car is made of stainless steel and is supposedly impenetrable, making the car very safe. The car’s interior is very different from most cars, having three seats upfront, and three in the back. This is great for practicality, but the biggest drawback to this car is the price. A Chevy Silverado costs $35,000 and tows around 12,000lbs, so is it really worth it to pay double the price for an extra 2,000lbs of towing? Well, I guess maybe it is a little bit worth it because it is the strongest pickup truck, but double the price just seems a bit much. This is the biggest drawback because although the car may not look the best and many people do not think it is worth $70,000, it is the battery that costs the biggest amount of money in this car.

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In conclusion, the Tesla Cybertruck is a very special, but controversial car. It has a lot of firsts including the longest range battery ever in an electric car and the highest towing capacity of any pickup truck, but in my opinion, the look of the car, as well as the price of the car make it really difficult to consider ever buying. Tell us what you think about the Cybertruck in the comments section below!


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  1. Your reasons are very true it is overpriced in comparison to other trucks and also people would like a nice looking truck .

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