Koenigsegg is a small car manufacturer based in Sweden. They have made some of the fastest cars on the planet, but have a little bit of fun in the process. Unlike many other brands, they let the customer decide how the car should be. They let the customer have a little bit of fun withContinue reading “WHY KOENIGSEGG IS SPECIAL”

The Tesla Cybertruck is a Very Controversial Car

The Tesla Cybertruck is Tesla‚Äôs first ever pick up truck. It is still not in production but has some estimated numbers by Tesla. To preorder this car, it only costs $100 for a reservation, and another $70,000 if you get the best optioned version of the Cybertruck. This car, in its best version, has threeContinue reading “The Tesla Cybertruck is a Very Controversial Car”

The Bugatti Atlantic Concept Car

The Bugatti Atlantic concept car is and was meant to be the entry level Bugatti. Specifications for this vehicle are still unknown because it still has no functions yet. This car was designed in 2015, but was not produced because Volkswagen halted all production due to some difficulties. After this, the car is still inContinue reading “The Bugatti Atlantic Concept Car”

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