The Bugatti Atlantic Concept Car

The Bugatti Atlantic concept car is and was meant to be the entry level Bugatti. Specifications for this vehicle are still unknown because it still has no functions yet. This car was designed in 2015, but was not produced because Volkswagen halted all production due to some difficulties. After this, the car is still in debate as to whether or not it will ever be produced. So little information on this car is available, to the point where many of Bugattis employees have never even seen the car before.

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The Bugatti Atlantic was built to be an everyday, practical car. Its engine, unlike other modern day Bugattis is in the front of the vehicle. The reason for this is to have more trunk space. The trunk features a hatchback that can actually fit a large amount of luggage for what it is. Also, the car is said to come with the fitted luggage. This luggage is made of nice leathers and is labeled with the “EB” logo on it. 

The engine of this, like I said before, is in the front of the car. This engine can supposedly have two engine layout forms. One being a twin turbo V8 engine, and the second one being an electric version of the car. Adding the V8 engine means you get the grumble of the car and do not really have to worry about not finding a way to charge your car. With the electric version, it features two batteries in the front and the back, though it is still unknown if this will allow for an additional front trunk like the Teslas do. Also, we do not know for sure how much range or how fast you can recharge the battery yet.

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As we all know it, Bugatti has used a bunch of normal doors for their cars. Nothing special is done with them and they open up the same way every other car opens up, not this one though. The Bugatti Atlantic has large butterfly doors like the McLaren 720s. These doors however are much bigger and allow for easy access to the interior of the car. With the interior of the car, we do not know much, but what we do know is it will look a bit like the Chiron, but has a large center screen and looks a bit more futuristic.

The Bugatti Atlantic is an interesting car, but sadly it may never reach the market. This car can lead to a new era of Bugatti, where they do not only focus on sport, but focus solely on luxury. This though, would bring the Bugatti brand away from its top speed records, so it’s safe to say that we may never see this car in production.


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