The Devel 16

The Devel 16 is still a concept car made in Dubai, but when it comes out, it is said to be the fastest car in the world. It comes with three engine types, a V8 engine that produces 2,000hp, the V16 that produces 3,000hp, and the final version is also a V16 but produces 5,000hp. The prices also range from the variant model you get. The first one is $1.6M, the second one is $1.8M and the third one is $2.2M. This monster of a car is said to be able to do the 0-60 in 1.8 seconds with a top speed of over 350 mph. 

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The Devel 16 is not like most super or hypercars. It was built to be comfortable. When you go inside, people have said that it is as spacious as a Rolls Royce. Even though this is true, the design is very sporty. On the interior, the tub in which you sit is made completely out of carbon fiber. Also, the design of the car  was meant to be as sporty on the outside, but extremely luxurious on the inside. 

This cars’ performance numbers are so insane. For a long while epeople claimed that a car like this did not exist. The reasoning for this is that no car  in the world has that much power. Also, cars like the Bugatti Chiron cost $3M and can achieve a top speed of 300mph. I think what really shocks people is the price. The price is still massively expensive, but is still relatively cheap for what it offers. The Bugatti Chiron costs $1M more, but offers only a fraction of the power that this car does. 

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The Devel 16’s design was meant to be simple. In the interior, there are no screens or anything like that, instead there are a few buttons on the steering wheel that can control basic car functions like turning on the headlights. This is what we have seen so far, but it has still not been released so modifications to the car may still be in process.

This insanely powerful hypercar is so powerful. It is the equivalent of almost four basic supercars. It will be the most powerful road legal car in the world and is claimed to be the king of speed for a long while after that.

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