The Pagani Zonda S Roadster

The Pagani Zonda S Roadster is a limited edition sports car. Pagani has only produced 140 of these cars, making it extremely hard to find one. Although there are 140 of these cars scattered  all over the world, there are very few in North America. The price of this car is constantly increasing mainly because Pagani has proven itself to be a big company worthy of some of the most impressive supercars available. The Zonda S Roadster was originally the prototype for the Zonda F, a Pagani that came out later, allowing this car to have special features and more power that it would not have had. This car was predicted to be a fail when it first came out, but it ended up being a huge success.

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The original Pagani Zonda came out in 1999, and was not exactly considered powerful when compared to the standards of today’s supercars. After some time, Pagani came out with the Zonda S Roadster, which was more impressive than the first Zonda. This powerful supercar produces 650 horsepower, which is impressive for a car of this weight. This car is lighter than most modern supercars. The Pagani Zonda S Roadster was powered by AMG because back then AMG was a well established company. 

The Pagani Zonda S Roadster was designed to be daily driveable. It featured common luxuries and had a shorter front hood so that you could easily see the ground ahead of you. As well as being daily driveable, the Pagani Zonda S Roadster’s front hood was made shorter for racing. This allows you to, when going up steep slopes, make sure that you do not scratch the front bumper. As with any car, but especially the Pagani, a simple scratch can cause thousands of dollars to repair because most of the time the paint is limited edition and it can also be very hard to create. 

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This limited edition sports car is extremely powerful and is worth millions. Its design comes with many cool features showing it is a race car. This may not be the most affordable car, or a car that you will even have a chance of owning, but it is still a very powerful and interesting car.  

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