The Ford GT is One of the Most Iconic Cars Ever

The Ford GT was developed by Ford to be the ultimate sports car back in 1966. It was only meant to be a race car and was able to famously beat Ferrari at many famous races. After these successes, Ford decided to make this car road legal for the public to buy. In the early 2000’s these cars we made available to anyone who wanted it. It came with a powerful supercharged V8 engine that produced 550hp, a 0-60 time of 3.5 seconds, with a top speed of 205mph, but this iconic car wasn’t always iconic. 

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Back in the day, people thought his car was a joke. Many people questioned why they would spend that much money on a car that was built by a company that made regular cars. This car sold just shy of $150,000 and nobody wanted to buy them because it was too much money to spend on an average car brand. Many dealerships just had the cars sitting and no one would buy them. People thought it was the worst car ever, but they thought wrong. 

The Ford GT was readily available for anyone to buy. There were so many for such a great price, and today you’ll be lucky if you can even find one for sale at a good price. These special cars now sell for right under $500,000. 

There are tons of pros and cons and little cool features when it comes to this car. For example, a pro is that it is one of the most reliable supercars of its era. It was not like the Italian supercars where every few thousand miles put, it starts to have an issue. A con is the doors. The door’s cool design actually prevents you from going into your car when parked in tight spaces. It contains part of the roof, so getting in may be a bit uncomfortable. A cool hidden feature/fact of this car is the headlights. The Ford GT was built to honor 100 years of Ford, so in the headlight, it says 100.

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The Ford Gt is one of the most special cars out there. It is highly desired and was so popular, it encouraged Ford executives to make a second generation Ford GT, though that one brand new was $500,000 and with inflation, it is now worth $1.2M and it wont stop there. Ford has made their mark in the supercar world.


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