The Second Generation Ford GT: Money Wise

The Ford GT is Ford’s most powerful vehicle ever created. When it first came out, everyone was shocked by its stunning design and power that surprised the world. It came from a V6 engine. Aside from this, it is also Ford’s most expensive car until today, and a lot has been going around as toContinue reading “The Second Generation Ford GT: Money Wise”

The 2020 Lincoln Navigator is a Very Luxurious Car

The Lincoln Navigator is an American made car, designed for daily use in the forms of transporting many people at a time. Its spacious, luxurious interior most commonly comes in the form of three rows and six seats. Its design is simple, but elegant. Underneath all the elegance is a powerful V6 engine producing 425hp,Continue reading “The 2020 Lincoln Navigator is a Very Luxurious Car”

The Ford GT is One of the Most Iconic Cars Ever

The Ford GT was developed by Ford to be the ultimate sports car back in 1966. It was only meant to be a race car and was able to famously beat Ferrari at many famous races. After these successes, Ford decided to make this car road legal for the public to buy. In the earlyContinue reading “The Ford GT is One of the Most Iconic Cars Ever”

The New Ford GT

The Ford GT originally came out in 2003 and stopped in 2005. This was Ford’s first supercar. After 13 years, Ford came out with the new version of the original Ford GT. This limited production car of only 1,300 units came with a price tag of $500,000 before options. This car comes with one ofContinue reading “The New Ford GT”

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