The 2020 Lincoln Navigator is a Very Luxurious Car

The Lincoln Navigator is an American made car, designed for daily use in the forms of transporting many people at a time. Its spacious, luxurious interior most commonly comes in the form of three rows and six seats. Its design is simple, but elegant. Underneath all the elegance is a powerful V6 engine producing 425hp, a 0-60 time of 5.9 seconds, but with all cars, it has its pros and cons.

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First off to me would be a con. The base price for one of these cars is well above the average asking price for average cars at $76,000 but can easily go up to $108,000. This seems a bit too expensive to be a normal everyday car.

One interesting fact/feature of this car is the Black Label option. This option is what, in my opinion, makes it worthy to be more expensive than a normal car. It takes luxury to a whole new level and some people say that it can even be compared to some models of the Rolls Royce. You can fully customize your car. Insead of picking basic leathers, you can pick things like materials used and the way it looks. Also, this package makes the car seem more grand and luxurious by adding bigger 22 inch wheels and certain blacked out features of the car’s exterior design.

Another advantage of buying this car is the tax reduction. In some states in America there are some regulations that say if you buy a vehicle weighing over 6,000lbs then you get a tax reduction. This reduction is not on the standard Lincoln Navigator, but is on a version of it that has a long base package. What this does is make the car longer in length and a bit more spacious in the interior. At the end, this long base model will weigh approximately 6,030 lbs.

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Also, in the Lincoln Navigator, it is focused on the tiny things that make life seem effortless. For example when you open the car door, you are presented with an elegant step to help get yourself in the car easier. In the interior, you also have a huge center console in the middle that looks very futuristic and luxurious. 

The Lincoln Navigator, although expensive, is still one of the best selling SUVs in America. It has found a new meaning in automotive luxury and is quite remarkable as a whole. For more, stay tuned, because there will be a technological section on this car coming soon!


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