The Lincoln Navigator’s Insane Technological Advancements

The Lincoln Navigator was and still is a famous family vehicle that specializes in luxury. Over the past few years though its technology was so bad, it brought rise to other luxury family vehicle makers, so Linclon redesigned the Navigator and now it is one of the most technologically advanced cars on the road. 

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One technological advancement is the keyless entry. If ever you forgot or locked your key in the car, you can still open it. Next to the window is an electronic number pad that blends in with the car’s color. This number pad can be customized to have a password to unlock your car. This is great, and will require you to never actually carry your key around with you. 

Also, the seat adjustments are unlike any other car. For example, the actual seat is split into two parts. These two parts of the seat can be separately changed to support your back in the best way possible. On top of this the headrests can also move forward, as well as up and down. No other car’s headrests can move forward.

As well as moving the chairs, you can actually move the positioning of the brake and has peadlas. This was designed for taller people who needed more space for their legs. It can also be used for shorter people who can not quite reach the paddles. 

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Lastly, the most useful feature is the Breadcrumbs feature. In case you are going on a long road trip or trip through the jungle, or wherever you may take your car, it will track you. This feature works by placing little dots on the navigation display every x amount of feet so that if you are lost, you can easily retrace your steps.

The Lincoln Navigator is a very technologically advanced car and has many strange features. These features however are the most interesting and have the most intricate designs of almost any car. 


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