The Second Generation Ford GT: Money Wise

The Ford GT is Ford’s most powerful vehicle ever created. When it first came out, everyone was shocked by its stunning design and power that surprised the world. It came from a V6 engine. Aside from this, it is also Ford’s most expensive car until today, and a lot has been going around as to whether or not it is really a good investment car. The answer is kind of, here’s why.

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The Second Gen Ford GT was much more popular than the original Ford GT. The original could not sell, and many people thought that it could not be a good supercar because it was made by Ford, but with the second one, they thought differently. When it came out, it was limited to only 500 units which each sold for about $500,000. This is a very high price, especially for a Ford, but people wanted it. The people had to apply and be accepted to purchase the car, but many people were declined to purchase the car. This is what made it a good investment. 

Since so many people wanted this car, and so many were declined, it made for a huge demand for the car. The demand got even higher when Ford said that you could not sell the car fot two years. The Ford GT then made for a perfect investment when it came to sell. Many sellers made around $700,000 just for owning the car, but now there is a flaw in this that could drastically change the Ford GT’s worth. 

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Ford saw that the car was doing well, and decided that instead of only building 500 units for the entire world, they would build 1300 units for the entire world. This, in my opinion, was a mistake because now there are more of them which will eventually take its $1.2M price tag much lower. Also, people have moved on. The car is still amazing, but as people see what other car manufacturers make they start to lose the excitement in the car and will go towards newer cars with higher performance. I suggest, if you are ever going to buy a Ford GT, wait about 7-10 years because I predict that they will drop to about $600,000, then people will buy them and the excitement will start all over again as it makes its way up to the million dollar plus range.

This is just a prediction, however I think it is a very viable prediction because prices have already started to go down. Who knows, this prediction may be spot on, or the Ford GT will just keep getting higher and higher in price. I certainly hope it drops in value so that it is more “affordable” to add to a car collection of investment cars. 


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