Mercedes AMG Project 1

The Mercedes AMG project one is a street legal formula one car. It will have one of the highest revenue limiters in any road legal car at 11,000 RPMs. It is a two seater sports car that has a V6 engine with direct fuel injection that can make 603hp. However, this car is being made in limited numbers of just 275 cars worldwide.

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This car is not exactly like a Formula One car in the sense that it is not fully gas powered. It also has a hybrid engine that gets the horsepower to 1000. The design structure of this car is fully aerodynamic and it’s based on track performance and the best lap time possible. Mercedes made it their goal to make a barely street legal car that can offer near the same amount of performance as a Formula One car.

As the car was being built, Mercedes figured that they would need to make the car entirely out of carbon fiber. Doing this makes the car lighter and results in a faster track time. Also, this car was not based at all on comforts or luxury; it is a pure race car and isn’t meant to be anything else.

To prove this point, the Mercedes AMG project one is completely stripped down of everything but the essential needs to make it street legal. Everything from the way the seats were made and the steering wheel are much different from a normal car. The steering wheel is not circular as in most cars but rather it is more rectangular. The theory behind the rectangular steering wheel is it will allow you to hold the wheel firmer around tight corners.

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 This F1 inspired street legal race car will surely be the one to be the most impressive around the track. People say that this F1 car can rock it to 124 mph in less than six seconds. As it may seem this type of performance is very limited as well as expensive, costing an estimated guess of around $2.5 million. The performance will be near unmatched, achieving Mercedes’ goal of making the best track car possible.

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