The Effects of Downforce

Downforce is basically a force that manipulates the wind to keep your car down. Downforce is created when parts like spoilers are attached to a car. A spoiler creates downforce consistently by slowing the airflow ahead of it. Parts like airfoils and wings are also used to create more downforce. With some cars, downforce isContinue reading “The Effects of Downforce”

Here’s What Makes a Hybrid a Hybrid

A hybrid car has an electric motor and a gas engine that allows it to move. This car needs to get charged at night if you want the electric power. If you do not charge your car, you will only get power that is caused by friction because of regenerative braking, which is not enoughContinue reading “Here’s What Makes a Hybrid a Hybrid”

The Acura NSX

The Acura NSX is a Japanese made sports car designed for daily driving. The original NSX was made in 1990 and lasted until 2005. This car was praised for its pure driving experience and Japanese reliability compared to Italian exotics. Ever since 2005, Acura repeatedly insisted on building a new Acura NSX. Over the years,Continue reading “The Acura NSX”

The McLaren F1 is the Greatest Supercar of its Time

Back in the 90s when this car came out, every car manufacturer was fighting for the title of fastest car ever made. McLaren changed all that, when they came out with the McLaren F1. This car came with a roaring V12 engine designed by BMW that produced 629hp and a top speed of 240mph. TheContinue reading “The McLaren F1 is the Greatest Supercar of its Time”

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