The Acura NSX

The Acura NSX is a Japanese made sports car designed for daily driving. The original NSX was made in 1990 and lasted until 2005. This car was praised for its pure driving experience and Japanese reliability compared to Italian exotics. Ever since 2005, Acura repeatedly insisted on building a new Acura NSX. Over the years, they designed many prototypes, but the new NSX was not made until 12 years after they stopped producing the old NSX. By then, the expectations were very high. 

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     The Acura NSX has a powerful V6 engine that produces 573 hp and has a 0-60 time of 2.9 seconds with a top speed of 191mph. The starting price for this car is $156,000, but can go up with the option of a carbon fiber spoiler. The carbon fiber spoiler has three parts to it: the two outside parts, and the middle part of the spoiler which opens up with the trunk. The spoiler allows downforce to be added at the rear, allowing the car to be more stable at greater speeds. This supercar also has a hybrid powertrain which allows the car to save gas. This function allows the engine to turn off when it is not running, but allows the sound, like the engine’s powerful roar, to stay active. 

Although this car is a fairly cheap option for a supercar, they do not sell very well. Once owners buy them, they tend to sell them within 1-2 years due to its severe depreciation rate. You can get a used 2017 Acura NSX for just shy of $120,000, meaning that in just two years, it has gone down in value by around $30,000. Although this car has had its successes, it has also had one huge drawback to the company’s sales margin. That being that there is only one option. It is not like Audi and their famous Audi R8 (The Audi R8 is the Most Affordable Supercar on the Market) because if someone did not want that model, then there are other sports model options to look at. Whereas with Acura, they only have one sports car, meaning if you did not like it, then that was that.  There would be no other option, so you would be forced to look at another brand.

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     When designing this car, Acura made the buttons simple and easy to identify. Even though you don’t get all the cool buttons that are in most supercars, having a regular button helps keep the costs down. When buying this car, a few cool items are included. One of the items you receive is a car model of the Acura NSX that looks exactly like the one you bought! The car also includes a drawing of your car, drawn by the NSX’s designer, and a black NSX folder with a complete build sheet of your car, detailing all the options chosen on your particular car.  

     This car was mainly praised for its wonderful driving experience. It is known for its fast, yet smooth, transitions. The Acura NSX is a supercar that has given many people a sporty, yet luxurious, way to get around to their everyday places. 

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