The Koenigsegg Agera RS

The Koenigsegg Agera RS is a Swedish monster produced in 2015 with only 25 available units for the entire planet. This car was designed to be the fastest car in the world, and it even beat the legendary  Bugatti Chiron temporarily, before it’s redesigned in 2019 (The Bugatti Chiron). This car has an extremely powerful V8 engine that produces 1,360hp and a 0-60 time of 2.9 seconds with a top speed of 285mph. This car’s base price was $2,600,000, but it can go higher with a stronger engine option. This car is composed of many features and facts that are unheard of in many other automobile makers

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Koenigsegg pays a lot of attention to detail and decides to build all their parts in house, instead of asking bigger car brands to make them for a cheaper price. This vehicle was so important to Koenigsegg that Christian Von Koenigsegg, creator of Koenigsegg, monitored all production, and self inspected each one to make sure it met his standards. Everything in this car, that could be carbon fiber, is carbon fiber. The Koenigsegg Agera RS was designed to be as light as possible, so Koenigsegg designed the first ever hollow wheel plate, that is actually lighter than the tire itself. This innovating technology helped reduce dozens of pounds that would have had the car go slower.

As with most other Koenigsegg’s, it comes with a feature called Ghost Mode. This allows for most of the car’s body work to be removed and makes the car show off how much more complicated it is from most other vehicles. Also, once you purchase any Koenigsegg, you are automatically invited to the yearly Ghost Squadron, where you bring your own Koenigsegg over and take it on a nice road trip through Germany. This road trip is lead by Christian Von Koenigsegg, and goes through his ancestral origination and his life’s story. Now you may be wondering why Koenigsegg has to name everything “Ghost”. Well the reason for this is that Koenigsegg bought their first factory at a recently closed airport that held the military air force for Sweden called “The Ghost Squadron”, and they asked him if he could incorporate this into his business, so that their efforts would not be forgotten.  Koenigsegg gladly accepted and integrated the ghost symbol into their cars and code names for features.

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The Koenigsegg Agera RS has many hidden meanings inside of its own name. For example, “Agera” means to “take action” or to be “filled with action” and based off of the statistics, it clearly deserves its name. The second part of the name, “RS” stands for “Rally Sport”, which basically means that it was built to be a sports/track track car.

As well as being a highly exclusive car, you get to name it and have the option of diamond dust. When naming the car, you are met at one of their locations where they help you pick a name that fits your personality best. A few examples of names people have used are the Thor, Vader, and Naraya (you can actually search these names and they will pop up). Also, you get the option of diamond dust. Diamond dust is a few hundred thousand dollar option that is made by grinding several diamonds and having them placed in certain areas of the car body, meaning if you only wanted it on certain parts of the car, then you can get it there.

The Swedish monster, the Koenigsegg Agera RS, is among one of the finest supercars nationwide and possibly ever, and deserves a lot more attention than it gets. This car brand is practically unheard of due to its rarity and larger competitors. Although this brand is not as big as most other brands, it doesn’t mean that their cars are bad. Koenigsegg is a small brand, but it comes to show that you don’t necessarily need a big company in order to start something great. That is what makes a Koenigsegg so special. It’s not the size or your brand name, rather it is the effort put into it, and Koenigsegg has clearly put in all the effort needed to make an amazing supercar.

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