The McLaren Speedtail

The McLaren Speedtail is among McLarens “Ultimate Series.” It is the fastest McLaren to ever exist. That’s right, even faster than the McLaren F1, but is the successor to the F1. It has an outstanding 1,035hp, and a 0-60 time of under 2.5 seconds, with a top speed of 250mph.  Surprisingly, it also has the same 3 seat arrangement that nobody would ever think to be repeated again. 

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This vehicle has a very different setup though from the original F1. The seating setup is completely the same, just the engine and the technology have changed. The Speedtail features a twin turbo V8 engine that makes 746hp, and electric motors that make another 308hp. Also, the interior is not so focused on very minimal things for weight saving. A lot of weight is saved, but now everything is fitted onto two long screens that come, both right and left from the steering wheel. In these screens you can configure and literally do anything that you want.

When designing this car, McLaren eliminated the use of any sort of mounted spoiler to reduce drag. It is very aerodynamic and consists of a lot of curves and the redirection of air in ored to get the fastest speed possible. Also, things like the 2 passenger seats were made differently to make the car lighter. The frame of the car was designed so that the passengers are literally sitting inside a tight space of carbon fiber dressed in cushions. As it may seem, the car appears to have no visible mirrors. In the name of aerodynamics, two more tiner screens are placed inside the car  that display a moving image of your surroundings. In place of the normal mirrors, there are two tiny slits on the side of the car that are actually facing backwards.

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Since the Speedtail is so special to McLaren, it is in limited numbers. The count for this car will be 106 units for the entire world, starting at about $2.2 million. This may seem like a shocker, but it has already sold out. This car seems to be so important that now people are selling their build slots for over $3 million.

McLaren has outdone themselves, and have successfully created the ultimate setup. Its driving dynamics are one of the best in the world and will soon make itself one of the most remembered cars in the world.


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