The Meaning Behind a Lamborghini Labeled Super Trofeo

Many of you have heard of Lamborghinis that are most popular, like the Huracan and the Gallardo. These cars are amazing and have some insane performance, but people only thought there was one edition of them, that is wrong. The Super Trofeo models are basically their second edition of the car, its just they are super rare not often talked about in the supercar world.

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Going back to Lamborghini’s history, Feruccio wanted to make a successful road going company. In his decisions, he wanted to be better than Ferrari, but did not like the idea of racing. He said that racing was a big waste of money and that Lamborghini would never enter that. Racing is very costly and costs thousands of dollars a year per car, on top of the pay for the driver. Even though Feruccio has passed, his company still holds its standards of ot racing, but has decided to allow their customers to have the ability to drive race cars.

The name Super Trofeo came out and it is the new program for any Lmborghini that has been repurposed to be a track going car only. These cars are highly limited and still have the same price tag as a normal Lamborghini, sometimes just a bit more expensive. These Super Trofeo models have new features and technology added for ultimate performance.

The Super Trofeo models are basically made solely out of carbon fiber and lack basic commodities like cup holders. It is stripped down to the bare minimum to be as lightweight and nimble as possible. Although most of the stuff removed decreases the weight, some essential features that normal Lamborghinis have were needed. For example fendered lubers are added to give more air to the tires and brakes so that they do not fail you when going high speeds on a race track. Also, things like a fixed spoiler add a lot of downforce that you do not go flying off the track.

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The Super Trofeo cars made by Lamborghini are super amazing and easy to drive. They crush other opponents, but still allow the customers to have loads of fun. The increased power and lightweight car makes for a perfect addition to the race track.


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