How to Get a Car That Makes You Money

A lot of people who buy cars see them depreciate in a lot of ways. People are always losing thousands of dollars on a car, but there is a way to avoid this all completely. The car you are looking for does not have to be an old classic car, it can be something exciting like a supercar or hypercar. Here is the best way to pick a car that will make you money.

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The first step to this is making sure that your car is rare. It does not have to be extremely rare, but it should be made in production numbers of fewer than 500 units for the entire world. The more exclusive and rare your car is, the more desirable it is to people making it a very resale. Also, for example, the LaFerrari was an extremely hard car to buy, but the people who were able to buy them and have sold them were able to almost make double the amount they initially bought it for. That’s almost $2M in profit from doing absolutely nothing.

Another suggestion is to buy cars from brands that do not seem so big or powerful yet. Koenigsegg is a world known car company, but in the early 2000’s their cars were extremely cheap compared to what they are now. A used Koenigsegg CCX would sell for $300,000 whereas now, they sell for $1.2M. You have to look for a car brand that is setting records and is not known yet, because once it is known, your car may be worth a bit more than what you bought it for.

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The biggest thing you will want to avoid is buying a car that is not exactly impressive. If the car does not turn heads as you drive it, then you know you bought the wrong car. If the car is not one that brings attraction what makes you think that it will be a car that others will want to buy? It has to be that type of car that people make posters for.

These are just a few basic and really easy suggestions to follow. When buying a car you want to make sure that it makes you money so that you do not lose any money in depreciation. If you liked these suggestions, please subscribe, and if you want more suggestions make a comment.


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