The Ferrari 599 GTO

The Ferrari 599 GTO is a limited production car, with only 599 units for the entire world. This car is extremely powerful and was in fact, the fastest car available. The 599 GTO came with a V12 engine that produces 612hp, and a 0-60 time of 3.1 seconds with a top speed of just over 220mph. This car’s rarity has made prices steadily increase to around $600,000 or more depending on which color you get. This amazing car has many techniques that made it as great as it was.

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Weight saving was essential in this car. Ferrari basically took out anything that was not completely necessary, including, floor matts, leather, and all other heavy fabrics. In doing this, Ferrari saved over 200lbs from its original non limited production GTO. Instead of having floor matts, Ferrari left it as a metal floor. Instead of leather, Ferrari used alcantara which is a much lighter material.

Secondly, Ferrari made the same exact spec cars for both Europe and America for the main reason of easy importing and exporting of the car into other countries. As you may know, there are many safety regulations that make a car legal in America and Europe, but both are very different. By putting all of the required things, Ferrari has made it easy for people to resell their limited edition car. 

The Ferrari 599 GTO’s engine was actually modeled after a real Formula 1 race car. The engine, as well as all of the gear shifts, are programmed to make a very loud, high revving position, that makes the car sound as if it is screaming very fiercely. This action was actually what got this car so famous, selling out in just a couple of moths.

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Lastly, the car’s aerodynamics were simply unheard of at the time, having one of the first ever flying buttresses. A flying buttress is basically a hole in the side of the car which allows for easy airflow, thus making the car cut through the air quicker resulting in a faster time if you’re racing.

The Ferrari 599 GTO is an insanely impressive car, even by modern standards. This car is also known to bring the least of attention to the car because its body shape looks fairly normal from far away. Many people who bought this car loved this because they would never get stopped or questioned from eager enthusiasts, allowing them to enjoy their car even more.

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