The C8 Corvette

The C8 Corvette is among one of the most amazing cars out there, being Chevrolet’s fastest and strongest car. This car comes stock with a V8 engine producing 495hp with a top speed of 194mph and a 0-60 time of just 2.9 seconds, putting it right in supercar territory. This car starts at $59,000 and is Chevrolet’s first mid engine car.

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This car is truly amazing especially for the price, costing only $59,000 but having the same exact 0-60 time as the $400,000 Lamborghini Aventador. This has made it one of the most popular cars out there. Since its showing earlier this year, Chevrolet has gotten so many order to the point where they have been backed up by about 10 weeks in production. They have already sold 30,000 or more of these vehicles to customers. 

Ordering these cars are also a super easy process. If you go to the Chevy website, there is an entire process where you can fully customize this car. Some of the customizations are like getting custom made seats or having a really cool stingray logo that lights up. There are also about 12 different colors to choose from, but you could always get a custom color if you work with Chevy executives. 

The Chevy Corvette C8 is also known as the successor to the car that made it all possible, the Stingray. The Stingray was named after the way that the car is shaped. Since being named after the famous Stingray, this car has gotten so much publicity as well as options, having a cool stingray painted in the back of your car for an extra $200 or so.

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Lastly, you will notice that the car seems to have a lot of curves and edges to make the design look cooler, but that’s not all. When Chevy engineered this car, they quickly realized that with a car this fast, it was almost necessary to make the curves so that it would not be a hazard to the driver’s ability to control the car. Too much force and little airflow will decrease performance and can severely alter the way the car moves.

The C8 Corvette is a really neat car. You get a supercar experience for a fifth of the price of other brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini. This is the way cars should be delivered in terms of power to price ratio.

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