Why the Bugatti Veyron Will Start to Heavily Depreciate

The Bugatti Veyron is the most famous car in the world, even more than the F1, for its ludicrous top speeds, and being the first car to exceed $1M. Although this car has managed to solidify itself in history, it lacks the ability to further its lifespan. I personally love Bugatti, but they really needContinue reading “Why the Bugatti Veyron Will Start to Heavily Depreciate”

Why the Ford Bronco Will Be THE Car of 2021

Ford has had an amazing history of cars. Among them are the Ford GT, and many others, but above them all, The Ford Bronco was by far their most popular car. Released in 1975, and then stopped in the 90’s, was thought to be the end of the Bronco rule forever. Since then, Ford hasContinue reading “Why the Ford Bronco Will Be THE Car of 2021”

The McLaren MSO Program

The McLaren MSO Program, or MSO, is a McLaren branded customization program. This means that if you want your car to be customized in a special way, and not have the car lose value, you would take it to this customization program. It may take a while to customize the car, but it is worthContinue reading “The McLaren MSO Program”

Does Pagani Still Build Zondas?

Pagani was really established around Zonda. It was the first car to ever be produced, and since its release in 1999, there have been quite a few different versions. What I found odd though is that even though Pagani claimed to have officially stopped production of Zondas, ending with the Tricolore, is that every coupleContinue reading “Does Pagani Still Build Zondas?”

The Ferrari Monza SP1

The Ferrari Monza SP1 allows you to have the experience of an F1 car. This car has a V12 engine that can reach 60 mph in 2.9 seconds. It also is a one-seater car and costs around $1.75 million. This car is a limited production car.  The Ferrari Monza SP1, along with the SP2, areContinue reading “The Ferrari Monza SP1”

Has the Mercedes 190SL been one of the most valuable overlooked cars?

The Mercedes 190SL has been featured on this channel before, just indirectly. For all those who have followed since the beginning, you have heard of the 300SL, the $2.2M car. From this legacy came many other great cars, like the 190SL. This is the supposed little brother, and in my opinion, the most valuable orContinue reading “Has the Mercedes 190SL been one of the most valuable overlooked cars?”

The Mazda MX-5 Miata

The Mazda MX-5 Miata is an inexpensive version of a sports car. The first model of the MX-5 Miata came out in 1989, and over the years it has gotten many upgrades. Mazda’s upgrades of this car have mainly focused on increasing the performance and adding new features. Over the years, this car has becomeContinue reading “The Mazda MX-5 Miata”

Will the Ferrari Testaorssa be the Next Big Investment Car?

The Ferrari Testarossa was the poster car of the 180’s and 90’s. It was the close competitor to the Lamborghini Countach, and has had its run. Over the years, people have lost interest in this amazing car just because it is old, but it clearly has a lot of potential to be the next bigContinue reading “Will the Ferrari Testaorssa be the Next Big Investment Car?”

Why the McLaren 675 LT May be the Best Track Car For The Money

McLaren has made a number of cars since its start more than fifty years ago. As it was predictable, they made race cars as their owner was a track driver. Of them, we have all the big ones such as the Senna and P1, but under the shadow of them all, we have the 675LT,Continue reading “Why the McLaren 675 LT May be the Best Track Car For The Money”

The Tesla Roadster

The Roadster is a four-seater sports car created by Tesla. It has a 0-60 time of 1.9 seconds and can go over 250 mph. This car can also drive up to 6201 miles without having to get its battery recharged. It is the longest ranging eclectic car made, and it is the fastest car TeslaContinue reading “The Tesla Roadster”

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