The BMW i8

The BMW i8 is a eco friendly sports car that was designed to be a conservative take on a fun car. This car is a hybrid that can do 0-60 time in just 4.3 seconds and can reach a top speed of 155mph. The BMW i8 has around 370hp, but it also has an electric mode making it seem much quicker, due to the fact that it can give off instant torque. This vehicle has many strange features, but here are just a few of them.

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The strange features:

The mpg ratio: As said before, this is a hybrid car for the main reason of being more efficient. BMW has gone to unheard levels of efficiency when driving and even included a driving tutorial on how to save as much gas as possible. When being as fuel efficient as possible, this car can get an outstanding 76mpg, one of the highest in the car industry.

It can charge without a plug: As BMW was designing this, they realized that it would be annoying to constantly have to plug your car in every time you got home, so they found a way for it to charge without a plug. Though this feature can only work in sports mode, it is definitely worth your while. The way this technology works, is every time you break, the added heat and friction caused by breaking is transferred back into the car’s battery, giving it more power. As many BMW i8 owners have only had to charge their vehicle a few times because this system works so masterfully at providing more power when needed.

It has 4 seats: Although this car looks very low and slim, it still manages to have four seats. This makes the car more practical. This feature backfired though because of the odd shape of the doors, makes it extremely difficult to actually get there. Also, the seats are not very far from the seat in front of you making it very uncomfortable.

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Fake noises: BMW’s awesome sports car sounds amazing if you have heard it in real life, it turns heads and is pretty loud, which got the car fairly popular. Hence the cool sounding engine noises, people found out they were actually fake noises. BMW invested lots of money and time with YAMAHA to make the car seem louder for a better market, by adding speakers into the exhaust pipes. The reason why they did not allow for the actual noises made to be heard, is because the electric terrain that this car has, did not allow for them to add as many cylinders as they wanted, making the car seem excessively quiet.

In general, the BMW i8 is a fun car that is actually quite usable. Being very efficient and practical allows you to daily drive it without worrying about running out of fuel or losing common comforts that most cars have to offer. Aside from its expensive asking price of $160,000 it is still a very eco friendly car that can easily get you from place to place without worry.

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