The Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X is an all electric car produced by the American automotive company, Tesla. This car has a 0-60 second time of 2.7 seconds and can seat up to seven people, making it have supercar like performance at a cheaper price. A new seven seater Tesla Model X starts at around $85,000 to $90,000 with no special upgrades. If you buy a seven seater with the autopilot function,  it costs around $95,000 to $100,000. 

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The Tesla Model X starts in a unique way. This car does not come with a keyhole or button to click to start the car. Instead, when you step on the brake pedal, the door of the driver closes and the car turns on. The doors of this car are interesting because they do not have a handle like traditional cars. These doors open by pushing on the handle or by pushing a handle on the key fob. When you push on the handle or key fob button, the door will pop out and allow you to open it as long as you have the key near the car. Not being able to open the doors unless the key is nearby was a function Tesla made to avoid theft. The doors for the back seats function a bit differently. They still require you to either press a button on the key fob or to push on the handle, but these doors don’t pop out and wait for you to open them. This is because the back doors are gull winged, meaning the doors open upward instead of out to the side. This design for the Tesla Model X was inspired by the Mercedes 300 SL (The Mercedes 300 SL). These doors close by pushing a button on the inside of the top or by pushing a button on the inside, in front of the seat of that door. These gull wing doors have many sensors around them to allow the door to avoid hitting other objects or people. 

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The infotainment screen also controls many functions of this car. The infotainment screen is the big touch screen in the front center of the car. From this screen, you can do many things like open and close the doors and trunks of this car. Since this car is electric, it does not have an engine in the front, making extra storage room for  your items. A cool feature about the screen is that it shows the gull wing doors opening and closing during the real time it is opening or closing. It also allows you to pause the doors from doing whatever they are doing in the middle of doing it. The infotainment system also controls some other basic features such as the radio, GPS, and seat adjustments. The center gage cluster in this car is very realistic. This car has so many sensors, it can sense other cars around you and show that there is a car next to you on the center gage cluster. The center gage cluster can also detect open parking spaces for it to park itself in. It can also detect bicyclists, box trucks, and lane lines.  

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As many people know, there is an autopilot function in this car. Once you pull the cruise control stock twice, which is a stick on the side of your steering wheel, your car is in autopilot. As I mentioned earlier, this car has many sensors. If you are on a road where the lane lines are not very visible, an alert will pop up on the center gage cluster, basically telling you that you have to drive because it cannot sense the lanes. If you want to change lanes while in autopilot, you just turn your blinker on and the car will change lanes for you when it senses no other cars around you. 

This car has many cool features that make it differ from most other vehicles. This SUV’s performance is outmatched by any other family car, making it the most affordable supercar like experience for the entire family to enjoy at the same time. 

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