The McLaren Senna

The McLaren Senna is an incredible supercar that was made for the race track. This McLaren has a 4L twin-turbo V8 engine that produces about 800 horsepower and can reach 0-60 in 2.8 seconds with a top speed of 210 mph. The car has a base price of about $1.5 million to about $2 million.This car is extremely expensive because of its incredible performance and because it has a low production number of around only 500 in the whole world. This car is a successor of the McLaren P1 that went out of production. 

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This car was designed for racing, and has proven itself to be a race car. This McLaren has many options you can add to make it even more like a race car. Here are some of the customization option you can add: 

McLaren special operations push to drink system: In race cars, there is normally a water bottle type of canister attached in the lower back part of the two seats. This function is in race cars so that the driver  can drink water with a straw, instead of having to reach for a water bottle and become distracted while racing. This is a function that you can add to your McLaren Senna. A person would most likely get this function if they use this car for its main purpose of racing. This extra function costs $6,710. 

The key fob: One of the customizations of this car is to make the back of the key fob out of carbon fiber with the letter “S” imprinted on it. This option costs $2,195. Although your car key will be hidden away most of the time, this option is something some people have as a cool little feature. 

The racing harness: Although this car comes with regular seatbelts, that might not be enough to hold you in place while on the race track. Since this car was made for racing, McLaren made a customization option of a 6 point racing harness. A driving harness is the seatbelt that is used in race cars. This seat belt goes over your shoulders and hooks to a buckle that goes inbetween your legs. Many people who use this car on the track get this so that they are secured more while driving. 

The camera: A special option you can get in your car is a camera located in the center back of the two seats, attached to the ceiling. This camera isn’t an ordinary camera. It is a part of a system that records you doing your laps on the race track. With this, you can see a video of yourself driving on the track so that you can see your mistakes or certain things you did while driving. This option would only be helpful for the people who use this car as a race car. 

The McLaren Senna is a rare and limited supercar that is incredible. The design and performance of this make it truly seem like a race car.  

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