The Ferrari F8 Tributo

The Ferrari F8 Tributo is so impressive for its value. A F12 Berlinetta is twice as much, but has the same amount of horsepower. The F8 Tributo is a mid engine sports car that is worth $275,000 before options. It comes stock with a twin turbo V8 engine that produces 710hp with a 0-60 time of 2.9 seconds and a top speed of 211mph. This car will be Ferrari’s main car because it is more central cost wise.

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The edition of the Ferrari is actually the successor to the previous Ferrar 488. Although the production of the 488 won’t stop, the F8 Tributo will eventually take its place as it is less expensive and offers more. Ferrari and it’s team has been working really hard to produce a car that is also a grand tourer and some people call it “a gt car.”

A GT car is a car that offers supercar-like performance while also being practical for long distance trips. Now, it will not be practical in terms of seating but rather luggage space. The Ferrari F8 Tributo is able to fit a small suitcase in the frunk, or front trunk, and another piece of small luggage inside on the shelf that is placed behind the driver’s head. This is good because it then allows you to take it on some really fun rallys with other supercar owners such as the Gumball Rally. 

The Ferrari F8 Tributo has a lot of new and improved technology and improved options that we can see just from appearance, but we don’t know exactly. We don’t know exactly what it is because this is still a pre production car that has not been available to the public just yet, but orders are being taken.

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Lastly, the aerodynamics to this thing are very large, curvy, and effective. It’s cool looking curves and futuristic look make it cut through the air very fast, getting a very fast lap time because there is a reduction in drag. Some people say that the reason it will be so popular among supercar owners is because it almost offers as much as the $600,000 Ferrari 488 Pista, but costs a fraction of the price.

The Ferrari F8 Tribuo is as cool as the name sounds. It is impressive and is the hottest thing that all car enthusiasts are waiting for. Its popularity is so far unmatched and will surely bring a huge success to the Ferrari brand.

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