The Lamborghini Veneno

The Lamborghini Veneno is literally one of the few cars that you will never see. It is so rare and so expensive that people who own them are afraid to actually use them. Although it is not the most powerful Lamborghini, it is the rarest. It came with 740hp, a 0-60 time of 2.8 seconds, and a top speed of 220mph. Lamborghini only made 5 non roadster editions and 9 roadsters.

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It’s insane rarity also makes it have an insane price of $4,500,000 before options, which could obviously increase the car’s value. This car, unlike most Lamborghinis, was actually difficult to get. Many people who applied did not get accepted and the few that were accepted said that they had strong relations with the CEO of Lamborghini. 

Since this is a special edition car, Lamborghini also took many special aspects of the car to a whole nother level. One thing that is not usual was that all of the cars were built in Italy, nowhere else. On top of that, they would deliver the car to wherever you want, and a leader of Lamborghini was usually there to congratulate you on your $4.5M purchase. 

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The look of this car is very controversial, having very big and oddly shaped head lights, to a jagged rear end. Some people hate this look completely, saying that it is one of the ugliest cars ever, due to all the excessive curves and angles this car has.  I personally think that the look of the car is not that appealing but it sets it aside from others, and in fact, every other car out there, and I think that was the whole point. Lamborghini probably knew that people were expecting something very clean but aggressive looking, but they did not do that because they wanted it to be the most eye catching and have the most presence. By making the car seem like it’s from another world, they made the most astonishing car out there!

In conclusion, the Lamborghini Veneno is a very cool Lamborghini, but it’s not the best. Having a very high value is completely due to the fact that it is rare and I don’t think it’s entirely worth it, and in case you didn’t remember the $4.5M price tag was when it was new. Nowadays Venenos typically sell for over $10M. Though it is something cool to have, the Lamborghini Aventador came out a year before it, and literally just has 30 less horsepower, making the 0-60 time 0.1 seconds slower and has a top speed of 217mph, all for a fraction of the price at $350,000.

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