The Marussia B2

The Marussia B2 is one of the first cars produced by a Russian automotive business. The Marussia B2 was produced in 2009 and was only produced in 500 units. It came with a turbocharged V6 engine that made 300hp. This car’s design structure is quite strange, but good enough for the car to be considered a supercar. This car has a quick 0-60 time of 3.2 seconds and a top speed of 190 mph.

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Aside from its $130,000 price tag brand new, it qualified as a supercar because of how light it is. Now 300hp is very little for a supercar, as most SUVs have that type of power, but this car is extremely light. The Marussia B2 is one of the lightest modern day cars in the world weighing only 2,400 lbs. When you think about this, it does not need that much power. It’s just like a motorcycle, it does not need that much power because there is not that much weight behind it, making extra horsepower unnecessary. 

One design structure found in this car that all other cars don’t have is the placement of the exhaust tips. The placement of the exhaust tips are basically at the very top of the vehicle, rather than the very bottom of the car, like almost every other vehicle. This design element actually has a purpose. Its purpose is to allow gas to flow more easily. This allows the car to go faster because the more gas thrown behind, the faster your car will go due to the extra thrust created. Also, the placement of the exhaust tips make the car sound louder and more aggressive because the engine is directly behind it, meaning the time it takes for the gas to travel out very short.

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One reason as to why this car is so light, is because it has a V6. Now that might seem like a bad thing, but it is good in this case because it is smaller because it is not as powerful. Usually, for example, in the Lamborghini Aventador, it is made with a strong V12 engine that makes the car much heavier than the Marussia.

The Marussia B2 is an impressive car, but the external features are pretty much the same as the B1, but is more technologically advanced in the interior. Nowadays these cars are very rare and very hard to get, mainly in part that the Marussia company went bankrupt and therefore lost a lot of reputation and left some cars unfinished. 

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